1873 Chapman's Directory listings for the Whau*

(* which included Waterview.)
From directory published by G T Chapman, Bookseller and Stationer, Auckland

                        Aicken, John, farmer
                        Arnold, William, laborer, Waterview
                        Bacon, Frederick, storekeeper
                        Bollard, John, farmer
                        Buchanan, John, merchant
                        Chisholm, Robert, farmer
                        Felgate, B, bootmaker
                        Forsyth, William, carpenter
                        Gittos, Benjamin, tan yards
                        Hanson, James H., farmer
                        Harper, William, laborer
                        Hassell, Henry, express driver
                        Lees, H, gentleman
                        Morris, Brothers, storekeepers
                        Presbyterian Church, the Rev. David Hamilton, minister
                        Rice, Charles H, farmer
                        Samson, T, Waterview
                        Sinclair, J P, gardener  
                        Sloane and Murray, brickmakers
                        Stratford, J C, farmer
                        Thomas and Barraclough, millers, Star Mills
                        Webb, Thomas, farmer
                        Whau Hall
                        Wood, Joseph, farmer                    

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