1885/1886 Wises Directory listings for Avondale*

(* which included West Auckland to Henderson, as well as Waterview and Blockhouse Bay.) Found in the microfiche collection of the West Auckland branch of the NZ Society of Genealogists.

AVONDALE, Auckland
6 miles from Auckland city; in Eden county; post office, railway station.

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McCAUL Walter farmer
McNELTIE William farmer
MALAM John brickmaker
MATHEWS Edward settler
MORLEY Francis M storekeeper
MORRISON Archibald settler
O'RYAN John farmer
O'SULLIVAN Thomas farmer
PARR Edward gardener, Waikomiti
PATTINSON Abraham builder
PECK Henry baker
POLLEN Hon. Daniel MLC, JP
RENSHAW Joseph carrier
RICE Charles H farmer
SANSON Thomas compositor
SCOTT John C schoolmaster
SHARP Humphrey & Jn. fruitgrowers
SILL William wheelwright
SIMMONS Edgar W shoemaker
SIMPSON John B farmer
SMITH Henry farmer
SMITH J F farmer, Waikomiti
SMITH Samuel farmer, Titirangi
SOMERVILLE Rev. Robert [Presb.]
STALLARD George settler
STEWART John builder

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