1907 New Zealand Postal Directory listings for Avondale*

(* which included Waterview and Blockhouse Bay, in those days not separate from Avondale Road Board district.)

Found in the collection of the Helensville Pioneer Museum.

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TAIT John farmer
TAIT William Joseph gardener
TATTON George fruit grower
TATTON William G. fruit grower
TAYLOR William engineer
THOM Alfred John grocer's assistant
THOMAS Alfred Samuel carter
THOMAS Mrs. George storekeeper
THOMAS John carter
TIMS John settler
TODD John settler
TODD Samuel H. carter
TRIGG Charles Coach painter
TUER Richard S. settler
TURNER Miss. S. dressmaker
VAZEY George pipe maker
VERCOE P. pig farmer
VIBERT James architect
VIGGERS Benjamin builder
WALKER Frederick gardener
WALKER George labourer
WALKER Thomas poultry farmer
WALLACE W. C. manager Steel Works
WALLIS   labourer
WARD Charles brick maker
WATSON Lewis market gardener
WATTS Thomas R. gardener
WEBB George farmer
WEBB Henry settler
WEBB Thomas gardener
WHITE Arthur H. architect
WICKMAN Henry commercial traveller
WILKINS William labourer
WILLIAMS J. quarryman
WILSON Alfred settler
WILSON Mrs Eliza
WILSON Mrs Jules G.
WILSON Thomas H. gardener
WILSON William Kennedy tanner
WOOD Edward, jun. storeman
WOOD Edward settler
WORKMAN Thomas quarryman
WRIGHT Haywood nurseryman
YOUNG William boot salesman

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