Avondale in 1912

(Auckland Star, 13 December 1912)




Avondale is fast coming to be regarded rather as a suburb of Auckland than a country district, owing to the influx of town workers, and the building of dwellings being carried out in all directions. The Station Hill is the most thickly populated part now, and owners of the now vacant sections are mostly prospective builders rather than holders for higher prices.

The Great North Road is also receiving a good deal of attention, and in Avondale South four good buildings, including one in brick, have been erected during the last three months. The Road Board has issued permits for seventeen new buildings, for which the total contract prices amount to £5,585, a good increase from the point of view of “more rates.” Most noticeable in these new buildings is the erection of a large shop or dwelling on the corner of Roberton Road and Brown Street, right opposite the station.

With the erection of the bridge over the railway at the station the great danger that is ever present on the level crossing will be done away with. The bridge will possibly be used for the trams should they come to Avondale, as it will provide the means of doing away with a serious obstacle – that of crossing the railway lines. With the grant from the Government for £150 the Road Board are going to spend £300 on White Swan Road. This will open up a new route to traffic through Mt. Roskill. It is possible to get through that way now, but “possible” is all that can be said of it. However, with this £300, it is intended to connect on to the portion completed by the Mt. Roskill Road Board, as then it will be possible for all traffic, including motors, to take the run out through Dominion Road to some of the finest water scenic spots that could be wished for. With the completion of the Manukau Road the journey  could be on the circular route system, and a most pleasurable drive will be available in a short time.

Negotiations with the owners of the land between Rosebank Road and the Pollen’s Point Reserve have now been completed. The committee appointed are instructed to get the work of fencing done at once, and when completed a fine picnic ground will be opened to the public. The area of the domain is 26 acres, and is surrounded by salt water, except by a narrow neck of land only a chain wide. The domain will be accessible by water from Auckland, and when it is properly planted with trees it will be a noted pleasure ground.

The Manukau Road is now at its last week of completion, and will be ready to hand over to the Board in the course of a few days. New Windsor Road is being worked to better advantage, still there is a good deal to be done and much earth to be removed at the junction with Manukau Road. The Road Board is quite satisfied with its own progress with the Great North Road on the day labour scheme. Half the road is practically formed now, and metal is being placed on the formation of the Whau bridge to the village. When the contractor completes the erection of the circular trough at the junction of the five roads in the village the effect should be good, according to the plan drawn up.

The Bowling Club recently formed are hard at work with the preliminaries for the green. Mr. Harrison has taken the levels, and is drawing up plans and specifications. The debentures are now open for sale, and are receiving the attention of those who promised to take up certain amounts. The Ladies’ Croquet Club is also progressing favourably and is well supported.

The fruit crops are not generally heavy, but better quality fruit should make up for the deficiency in quantity.

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