Avondale and Waterview as described by the NZ Herald and Auckland Star in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and also an 1875 article from Wises Directory
The stabbing outside the Whau Hotel - 1863
  "The Whau Village" - 1875 by John Buchanan
The Sad Death of Maggie Jane Cowan - 1880
  Avondale in 1882 (from New Zealand Herald)
Avondale in 1883 (from Weekly News)
  The Whau Canal Proposal in 1883 (from Weekly News)
  Avondale 1884 (from New Zealand Herald)
  Avondale 1903 (from Auckland Star)
  Avondale 1911 (from New Zealand Herald)
  The opening of croquet and bowling clubs in Avondale, 1912 (from Waitemata News)
  Avondale 1912 (from Auckland Star)
  Avondale 1923 (from New Zealand Herald)
Avondale 1926 (from New Zealand Herald)



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