Avondale and some of its Identities

by Sue Followell (2002)


I once knew a man called Duncan Macdonald who was rather "well built"
With a Scottish name like that I wonder if he wears a kilt!
This Duncan fellow worked hard for his business and the Avondale Community
He improved the town for the likes of you and me.


To celebrate, Avondale now has its own Town Square
To rest your feet or meet your friends there
Then suspended in the air
Next to Avondale's Square


Is a gigantic spider whose name I believe is Dale?
If you are arachnophobic, passing through Avondale could make you pale
Then in August what a sad day, that "local identity" Jan Grefstad passed away
A talented man who put Avondale's Hollywood Cinema on the map
Taken before his time, such a decent chap.


Jan was a man I considered myself lucky to know
One of the things he will be remembered for is "The Rocky Horror Show"
So may Jan R.I.P. and will Dale become an icon? such a hairy beast!
And then there is the lady known as Lisa, who started a Historical Society
To pass down to the younger generation, Avondale's history


Where have the years gone?
So much knowledge to be passed on
With people like Duncan, Jan and Lisa I feel Avondale is a much better place
With a diverse cultural community of folk from every different race ....


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