Avondale Timeline --
1870 - 1899

Early 1870s
Great North Road metalled.

Survey through the Whau district for Auckland-Kaipara Railway.

Post Office now at Morris' store, corner Cracroft St.
October 16:
Concert held to raise funds for Whau Public Library.   
December 17:
Second Whau Hotel burns down.

Phipps' express coachbus service between Auckland and Avondale.
Rise of temperance movements begin with Good Templars.
May 21:
Opening of Second Whau Public Library in Public Hall.
July 4:
Opening of new Whau Hotel.

April 18:
Fire at Robert Chisholm homestead on Great North Road. Three years later, Chisholm dies, and his lands on Rosebank Peninsula and Avondale are subject of five-year estate proceedings.

Rosebank Road formed. John Buchanan writes of "The Whau Village" in Wise's Directory. Henry Peck's store until death in 1890.

Cracroft Street and St Georges Road formed.

Lawrence Tierney flourishes (somewhat infamously) until at least 1882 as omnibus driver between Auckland and the Whau.
Land taken by the government for railway.

early 1880s
Opening of Atkinson’s Drapery.

Paterson's horse-buses flourished in Avondale (Avondale Stables) until 1897.
Take over of the Whau section of Great North Road by Whau Highways District Board.
March 29:
Opening of railway through the Whau district.

Potter's horse-bus service through Avondale. Investigations into establshing coalfield (not continued. J Hunt buys land from Buchanan on St Georges Road, set up brickyard.
Sale of Robert Chisholm and Dr Aitkin estates. Close settlement of Rosebank begins.
30 May: Whau School opens on Great North Road site.
June 5: Whau District becomes Avondale District (previous choices: "Riversdale" and "Salisbury".)
New Zealand Herald publishes first summary of Avondale, Waterview and New Windsor.

Northern Omnibus Service starts. New Zealand Herald publishes second summary of Avondale, Waterview and New Windsor.
Second "Greytown" sale, this time the southern section owned by James Palmer. A blacksmith's forge is shown on the deposited plan: may be George Downing's (later moved to Great North Road).

Establishment of Wharf Road (now Ash Street). 

Henry & James Binsted open butcher’s shop. Auckland share market crashes.

New wooden bridge over the Whau Creek. Death of Jessie Eva Hort Huxham MacKenzie, the "Danish Princess". "Gumdiggers Bounty" to prevent damage to roads. First Returning Officer, and first Rates Collector appointed.

April 16:
Third Avondale Hotel burns to the ground. Tenders for rebuilding in brick open in June. Rebuilding from late 1888-1889.

May 18:
First postal delivery by horseback in Avondale, by Ben Bollard.

Avondale Jockey Club formed. First Town Clerk appointed. Hunt sells brickyard to Bycrofts.

Rise of market gardening on Rosebank. "Don Buck" flourishes until 1917, visiting Avondale.  First Roads Engineer appointed.

Bycrofts sell brickyards land to JJ Craig.

First community noticeboard in Avondale erected.

Grubb’s Bakery, corner Rosebank Road and Great North Road, until 1903.

William Myers arrives in New Zealand, sets up smith on Blake Street. Later owned by son Thomas Myers until 1960s.

Paterson's stables on Great North Road burnt down. Land bought by Charles T Pooley by 1898, starts stables, carriage, wagonnette, manure business.
Victoria Hall opens.

John Bollard elected MP for Eden. Serves until 1914.
20 December:
Suicide of Avondale Hotel licensee, John R Stych.

First footpath, outside Avondale Hotel, followed by those along Rosebank Road. Andrews & Co flourish as providing horse bus services between Avondale and Nihutapu.

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