Avondale Timeline --
1900 - 1925

New Lynn residents ask for amalgamation with Avondale Road District. Turned down by Avondale Roads Board.

Page's Building constructed, Great North Road. Geddes Terrace formed. R S Kirkpatrick takes over from father-in-law Mr Grubb, runs bakery. St Georges Rd no longer called "Brickyard's Road".
30 September:
First meeting of Oddfellows Lodge, in Avondale Public Hall.

May 22:
Opening of Methodist Church, Brown Street, Avondale.

Three gas lamps purchased for district streets, including junction of "Old North and New North Roads".

1904 - 1909
Construction and erection of ornamental gas lamp and horse trough at Five-Roads junction, Avondale.

Bollard & Wood take over lease of Page's Building. First purpose-built Police Station.

Conversion of site of Morris' store and bakery, corner Cracroft Street, converted to first billiard saloon and barber shop by H. Kneebone.
November 17:
Avondale votes "dry" along with rest of Eden electorate.

June 30, 10 pm:
Closing time of last day Avondale Hotel open for business.

D. Robertson opens general store and bakery on corner Rosebank Road and Great North Rd.
November 10:
Earliest known motion picture show in Avondale.

Robert J. Allely builds Allely Building -- Avondale's first chemist cum doctor and dentist.

Post Office opens in Avondale Hotel building. There until 1938. Gas mains laId along Great North Road and Brown Street. Station Store built end of 1912, first owned by Kirkpatrick family.

First telephones installed, four businesses on the line . Appearance of Avondale
News, produced by Arthur Morrish.

Frederick Sandford and William Miller test their biplane at Avondale Racecourse. They crash on 4 December.

New Infant Block opened at Avondale Primary School.

Fred Bluck builds block opposite railway station between Roberton and Station Roads.

Public Hall vested in Roads Board by last trustee, John Bollard. Trigg & Dames set up business.
26 May:
Opening of first bank agency in Avondale -- the Bank of New Zealand, in Bluck's Buildings.
3 November:
First meeting of Board in new offices fronting Public Hall (now the Town Hall).
Christmas Day:
H Empson motion picture show in Town Hall.

Titirangi Lodge of Freemasons buys old stables on Rosebank Road. Builds the Masonic Hall. Influenza epidemic.

Harry Waygood opens service station on Wingate Street. Around this time, Percy Keen opens up his service station in Pooley's stables, Great North road. Larry Tierney runs billard saloon and barber shop, corner Cracroft Street.

Arrival of the "Avondale Spider"

James Binsted dies. Business sold to R &
W Hellabys.
December 20: "Official Turning Of The Valve" ceremony, at Nihotapu. Water now piped to Avondale.

St Georges Rd formed and metalled. 

Edward Wood sells Bollard & wood business to Arthur Amos -- store known as "Spot Cash". First Plunket Office set up in Avondale shopping centre, in Town Hall ante rooms.
April 27:
Avondale Manual Training School opens at Avondale Primary (Standards 5 and 6).
April 29:
First Avondale Borough Council election. J. W. Kinniburgh first Mayor.

Phillip Woods opens second billard saloon and barbers.

Charles Collier opens first store, initially an ironmonger, later hardware. Telephone cables laid along Great North Road and St Georges Road. Electricity power lines to Avondale. McKenzies Store fire - Fearon Block built in place.
October 31:
Opening of new Town Hall.
November 14:
Pooley Stables burns down.

February 9:
Manual telephone exchange opens.
March 2:
Work begins on first concrete road in the country, along Avondale's section of Great North Road.

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